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PLA Glow IN Dark

.Tolerance ±0.02mm, No Bubble
.Filament Diameter:1.75MM/2.85MM/3.0MM
.Net Weight:1.0KG
.Package:Vacuum Bag With Desiccant And Brown Box
.Spool Size: 195mm Diameter,66mm Height
.Printing Speed:50-100mm/s
.Printing Tem.:190-220℃
.Bed Tem
We Have Glow In Dark Green And Glow In Dark Blue, The Filament Will Have Light In Night
Unique features:
1)Diameter Tolerance is Within ±0.02
2)The Regularl PLA in the Market is Very
Brittle,Our PLA is Modified With More Flexible And Can Store At Least One Years
3) Several Times Tougher Than Regularl PLAResulting in Improved Strength And Impact Resistance
4)Superb Layer Bonding
5)High Rigidity. Good Glossiness.