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CCTREE 3D Printer 1.75MM Marble Filament

.Tolerance ±0.03mm No Bubble
.Filament Diameter:1.75MM
.Net Weight:1.0KG
.Package:Vacuum Bag With Desiccant
.Spool Size: 195mm Diameter,66mm Height
.Printing Speed:50-100mm/s
.Printing Tem.:190-210℃
.Bed Tem:45-55℃
Main features:
-It's Modified PLA with Marble, the surface is very Specially.
- Adopts PLA material, no doping waste, more wearable, great strength and high toughness provides a stable performance
- Compare to ABS, it is more environmental, without irritating odor, no harm to our body, and it is suitable for printing large models
- With uniform wire diameter of material, stack-wound to prevent kinks, snags and printer jamming
- Great material will produce the excellent products, the printed products feature with smooth surface and bright color
- Be able to combine top quality with an attractive price tag, so that you may enjoy excellent 3D printing, free of bubbles and impurities at a lower cost 
- It can be used in many fields, such as industrial machinery, technology research, medical treatment, personality DIY, etc